Provoke Change was created to inspire and empower others to live their lives authentically.  The brand creator, Chanel Gresham, saw the vision when she created this as her theme for 2022, but it quickly grew into a movement.  This brand/ movement is also about assisting others in becoming unstuck from their current situation to living the life of their dreams.  The brands apparel allows you, the consumer, to outwardly express your thoughts or where you are when you don’t have the right words to say.  The vision of Provoke Change is to curate a better life and way of living for those dreaming of walking in purpose and wanting more out of life.

About Chanel Gresham

Chanel Gresham is a Baltimore native, that found a love for people at an early age.  Growing up she found a love in several areas from fashion to writing.  Chanel also had a tremendous amount of love for people and wanting to see them be the best version of themselves.  She learned early on that she that she could help people in more than one way and it all tied into her love for the arts.  She grew up in an environment surrounded by fashion and it peaked her interest.  Her ever growing love for fashion went beyond creating and designing clothes, it was a way to connect with people and make them feel good about themselves through their clothing.  In her 20s, Chanel attended cosmetology school where she earned her education in the fundamentals of hair, the circulatory system, and nails.  This became another way of connecting with women.  This enabled her to learn more about how to people think through conversation in safe space of the salon.  Chanel later went on to attend IADT in Nashville, TN for Fashion Merchandising and Design where she obtained her degree.  This degree brought her full circle, back to her first love.  Throughout her adult years, Chanel has obtained several certifications in entrepreneurship, public speaking, writing, and others.  Her desire for continuous education transcends beyond how it helps her, but how it can provide knowledge for others.  Chanel is a movement by herself, but a force when she can bring it all together for others.

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