When I started this journey of Provoke Change, it was really for me.  There were so many things in my life that needed changing, that I wanted to change and areas where I needed to grow up.  It was the end of 2020 and the new year was quickly approaching.  I don’t do the whole New Years resolution, but I am all about goal setting (with and without a time stamp).  My goal for 2021 was to initiate change in my life one area at a time and the title was Provoke Change.  I had no idea how it would look throughout the year or even what area of my life I would start in.  I just knew I would start some where.  I began by writing down everything that I wanted to change and in which areas.  I kept a positive approach to this and only used positive words to verbalize what I wanted.  I didn’t focus on what I didn’t want or the negative attributes that I didn’t like.  I began to meditate, journal, and most importantly pray. Everyday I would read a scripture that tied into what I wanted to focus on for the day, then pray over what I read.  As I continued to do this, I felt a shift in my thinking and in how I was feeling.  Everyday wasn’t perfect, but I trained my mind to hold onto the positive and release the negative.  It wasn’t easy! However, I was determined to do the work! 

Along the way, I began to feel more compelled to expand this journey beyond just me.  I kept getting the desire to help people and use my life experiences to spread the knowledge I had attained from the years of living. I prayed over it.  I journaled about the overwhelming feeling that what I thought was designed for me, was really about others.  It was really God showing me that this was my purpose.  Now don’t get it twisted, it wasn’t an over night thing, like I went to sleep and woke up like a cartoon with a grand idea.  This is something that I realized God had been preparing me for my whole life.  It was every heart break, every trial, every situation that I encountered that would lead me to this point.  It was an unmistakable feeling that even if I tried to explain, I couldn’t put it into words.  

Everyday, I thought a bit deeper about each situation I faced and wrote down the details as I remember them.  I researched, I prayed harder asking God to be my guiding light through this new journey.  To keep 100% honest, I was hesitant because I allowed doubt to creep in and question how it would all take shape.  I questioned how and why would people hear what I had to say. However, that wasn’t my job.  My position was to let God lead me through this journey and be obedient through the process.  With each passing month I became more comfortable with the idea and process of expanding Provoke Change.  I began to talk with other women to attain information from them about the changes they wanted in their life.  It was such an array of areas that they wanted change or needed improvement.

In March of 2022, I officially launched Provoke Change with statement shirts that would serve as a reminder as to how phenomenal you are.  In May I released the first book in a 4 part series workbook, that was created to help you navigate through past trauma, overcoming, and becoming. 

As I continue to grow through this journey, God opens more doors and opportunities to continue to expand this movement.  This is only the beginning of what is to come of Provoke Change.  I am doing this fearlessly, and in authority, with my whole heart to see us winning.  

Whatever you do stay the course to see your dreams come to fruition.

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