Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings

Happy New Year!

Every year people get together to celebrate the incoming year, set resolutions, and begin to look forward to all the great things in store for them.  However, most don’t take the time to reflect on the ending year.  Reflection is key! Why? Reflection is key because it allows you to take account of the lessons learned, the situations that you encountered, the goals you reached, and so much more.  As you reflect you can evaluate your decision making and the people surrounding you.  Ask yourself, do I want a repeat of last year?  If yes, then great!  You had a prosperous, productive year filled with beautiful lessons, and acquired goals.  If no, then what about last year disturbed your spirit and how are you going change those things in the new year?  

2022 for me was a year of renewal, healing, realization, and  conquering goals.  I learned so many lessons throughout the year.  I began to step into a new journey of enlightenment, being at peace, and doing what is best for me.  I for so long lived for others and their thoughts of what my life should look like that I was completely drained.  But when I walked away from that way of living, the gates of opportunities opened for me.  It was like a beautiful breeze caressing my hair and the sun kissing my skin.  It was freeing and refreshing.  It took work to get to that place, however it was so worth it.

One thing that we have control over is ourselves and movement in our lives. We can govern our actions, thoughts, response, and the people and places we associate ourselves with.  Change is not easy, but necessary if you want to continue to move forward in a positive direction.  I for sure can speak from a place of knowing how hard it is to break away from the ideals of your parents, society, and friends thoughts of how you should live.  THE CHANGE WAS FOR ME! So I could walk in purpose because I have a calling on my life that I must fulfill.

As you walk into this new year with a fresh start, be open and optimistic of all the beautiful things that await you.  Cultivate a space within your life to be able to step away from the outside world and clear your mind.  That maybe through pray or mediation.  It may come in the form of a quiet getaway with yourself or even in your room indulging in a good book.  Whatever that look like for you, be sure to implement it in your life!  It may feel weird at first, but you have to prioritize yourself.

I recently started interviewing guest for my newly formed podcast called Talk and Toast.  Throughout my conversation I took notes because the guest unknowingly has left me with a gems of becoming the best version of myself.  Throughout the year I will share them with you, so that you may walk in purpose on purpose.  Here’s to old things ending and new things beginning.   

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